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How are Bully Sticks Made?

Bully Sticks in general are made differently depending on the vendor. Our bully sticks are cleaned and sorted in a refrigerated facility to ensure safety. The bully sticks are then hung vertically from racks and cooked in an oven to ensure that they are bacteria free and safe for dog’s consumption. Hanging the bully sticks vertically removes most of the moisture from the product. The longer that they are dried, the less odor they have.

We offer both odor free bully sticks and regular bully sticks. The only difference: odor free bully sticks are dried longer and have less moisture in them. After drying, we sort and cut our bully sticks according to our sizing chart. Our high quality products are consistently measured by hand for thickness. The thicker the final product, the longer it will typically take for a dog to consume.

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