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Is It Okay If My Dog Swallowed A Bully Stick?

This is a question that we receive all of the time, and there are really 2 ways to approach this.

  1. Our bully sticks are single-ingredient protein items, so they are highly digestible and can be consumed in larger pieces.
  2. Even though they can be digested, it is important for owners to supervise their pets and treat each pet differently. Some dogs, especially guarded eaters or abused pups, will tend to swallow their food and treats without proper chewing. This can present a choking hazard if too large of a bully stick is swallowed. Remember to use caution with any new dog chew and spend time understanding your dog’s behavior and reaction to them.

The best solution to this problem is to attach a vise grip to the end of the bully stick (the last inch of any stick will do). This way, when your pup is done chewing, the remaining inch of product cannot be swallowed.

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